Developing Your Personalized ‘Game Plan’

Developing Your Personalized ‘Game Plan’


This is where we give you the bad news; there is no ‘Silver Bullet’ or ‘One Size Fits All’ program to quit smoking and this diagram shows why. We are all programmed differently, we each got addicted differently and will require individualized solutions to quit smoking.

We will teach you how to resist the emotional temptation to smoke and overcome the physical cravings that doom 95% of those people who do attempt to quit. Our ‘Smoking Cessation Program’ program qualifies for all HSA, FSA & HRA spending accounts/debit cards.

The diagram shows you the three key adversaries in this addiction, Behavioral, Physiological and Psychological, they each play an integral part in supporting the addiction. What I mean is that the chemistry of the drug has created a real physiological addiction between the neurons in your brain and Nicotine, that is undisputed! With that said there is also a support system that has developed with your daily behaviors and in your mind, that is where psychology comes into play. Let us look at a simple example, click ‘Read More’ and view the lady in the picture.


What do you see in this picture, the woman looks to be really enjoying that cigarette, right?? Not so fast, is she enjoying the cigarette or the fact that she is taking a break after a very stressful conference call, or the fact that she has some alone time away from her tiny cubicle in the ‘Bull Pen’?  Is the cigarette the focal point or just an accompaniment on this stress break?? Did the break start before the smoking or did the Nicotine create the need for the break.

There in-lies the flaw with any diagnosis that addresses just a single issue; these acts are now so intertwined that her mind associates them as one act, smoking, with one result, a relaxed state of being. So if that is her state of mind, then solving just one factor can’t be the solution, all contributing factors need to be resolved simultaneously.

Reduce the Nicotine craving, disassociate the act of smoking with the feeling of stress relief and create a new physical behavior to replace the act of smoking that is also a mental trigger. If that does not sound complex enough for you then I don’t know what does; but I assure you, we will be there to help each step of the way.