About Us

Our goal here at ‘Smoke Break Therapy’ is to help you quit smoking in just one week.  We will meet with you one-on-one multiple times and teach you how to use the tools we provide to resist the emotional temptation to smoke and overcome the physiological urges to smoke in the weeks to follow.

Hi, my name is Sarah; I started smoking when I was 16 years old but eventually quit, I have been smoke free since 2007 and I have never felt better.  The majority of my smoking years were probably similar to yours; I enjoyed smoking with my friends, most of my immediate family smoked and many of my co-workers smoked.  It just became a part of who I was during those years, smoking became the one thing that I could rely on to help get me through a day.

There later came a time that I watched a family member diagnosed with emphysema, watching that struggle helped me realize what I was doing to myself and potentially to my children.  I didn’t want any of my children going through that so I tried to quit.  I tried everything I knew, including everything in the ‘Treatment Options Menu’ on the right side bar of this website.

I did get some benefit from each one of the therapies I tried, some more than others.  The number of cigarettes did drop to about 2-3 per day as opposed to the pack a day I was smoking.  What I found myself doing was working hard all day to make it thru without a cigarette and then reward myself with one! Wow, nothing like “rewarding ” myself with the very thing I was trying to get rid of, it builds will power but only gets you so far.  I was doing this on my own, there was no formal plan like we have developed for you, just trial and error. 

Now I am a Tobacco Treatment Specialist and I want to help others like you to quit for good.  What has been developed here is a master plan using multiple therapies that take the discomfort out of the process.  Each coaching session is developed with you, for you, as each person will have their own individualized plan to stay smoke free.

‘Contact Us’ to discuss your commitment to stop smoking, start living and begin to develop your best path forward.  Take a ‘Smoke Break’ for good with us.


Sarah Jayne

Tobacco Treatment Specialist