Why is Quitting So Damn Hard?

Why is Quitting So Damn Hard?


Most smokers are aware of health risks that come along with smoking cigarettes, many of them are seeking help but most of them still fail the first few times they try to quit.

I don’t want you to think of me as some kind of a guru who is making smart statements on how to quit smoking cold turkey in 15 hours or something; no, that’s not me at all. My idea of smoking is that smoking is a nice hobby, it can be your best friend and provides a great buzz so quitting would naturally be hard.

The real problem is that smoking cigarettes has become a part of you, a part of your personality, your daily routine and a part of your everyday life. If this is your situation then your questions really should be: How can I gather the strength to find a way to quit smoking? Am I a person who could actually stop smoking cold turkey? Am I missing something, are there any smoking cessation methods that I don’t know about or don’t understand that can help me now?

Now let me test you with a question and please think thoroughly, I want you not to think of the color Blue? Don’t think of any blue colors, just do your best not to think of blue, please !

Why did you imagine a blue color? Because your brain works in pictures. The word don’t, is a concept not a picture. For your brain that word simply doesn’t exist in the same reality as the color Blue, in the split second you were given the instruction your first instinct was to visualize the color blue and not the adverb “don’t”.

Your brain work in pictures, and your focus determine your reality. Your focus can be triggered by questions and the type of questions you ask yourself is the way you shape your destiny. If your goal is to quit smoking then you should focus your questions on the benefits of quitting smoking and the pictures you would like to associate with that result.

For example, am I going to breath deeper as a non-smoker? Is my energy level going up or down? How important is my energy level? Am I going to look better, feel healthier and be more physically active? Was I born with a cigarette in my mouth?

Maybe some questions are funny but they can still help you quit smoking. You have to focus on the other “color”. If you are seeking a natural nicotine patch, this is one way. Stopping smoking cigarettes is a big change in your life; it can trigger a positive vision of your future, mentally picture yourself more fulfilled, more active and happier.

Let me guarantee you something, if you are reading this article, you have achieved more than 95% of the smokers out there who are seeking information about how to quit smoking. Most of them are researching methods for quitting smoking cigarettes for about 5 minutes and then give up. Many of them believe that some day they will actually stop smoking while hoping that scientist find a solution that stops cravings immediately and is pain free.

Don’t stop researching, the answer will find you and when you have enough good information and when you’re ready you should call about the Smoke Break Therapy Program. You can see in the right margins the multi prong approach they take in getting you to your goal of being a ‘Non-smoker.